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We provide coaching, mentoring working on leadership, partnerships and fundraising amongst other skills.


We run events on a host of themes including for University Classes, Government Depts, Corporates, Communities, Committees, Third Sector, Pitching/ Fundraising, Lean canvas, Design Thinking, Coworking as example for spaces for innovation


We help companies scale through reports, events, coworking and more.

What We Do


Bringing incredible coworking to Cork. Building on what’s important and linking to the Revolution community around the world.


Mentors can shape your life, not just your business. We are skilled and experienced in mentoring that builds companies and people.


We’re here when you need that extra hand. Getting deeply involved in organisations that are changing the world is what get’s us excited.

Who are we

We are here to help you in your venture.

Coworking Cork

You need space to start, grow and thrive. We know this all too well. Treehouse has some of the greatest minds in one place to assist you in your organisation. We give you the tools that you need to get going. An incredible space, proven innovators and investors, real startups and those able to best help and a rocking community to boot.

Price: €220* p.m.

* (One month free if sign up for 12 month contract)

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We love startups – especially being entrepreneurs ourselves. Whether it’s feasibility grants, raising finance, pitching for investment, costing, pricing, product development, distribution, logistics or more, we can help!

Plus we have a team of accountants, lawyers, bankers, developers and more that we can connect you with.

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Looking to expand globally? Need someone to write a report of business plan? Want to increase your social media visibility? We’d love to get involved!

Whether you are a company needing to partner/ outsource or a large corporate wanting to innovate, use us.


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