If you were lucky enough to have one, you knew how special this place truly was. Plank by plank, your father nailed this place together when you were only a small child. Sweat stained the wood with every strike of the hammer, and with each nail the structure slowly but surely came together. When it was finished, you stood from your favorite shady spot in the yard under the biggest and sturdiest tree and looked up. This place was a tree house. It was your tree house.


But it was so much more than the eye could see. Every neighbor knew about it but it was exclusive; only the most loyal and trustworthy friends were allowed entrance. It was a community of its own and the group took great pride and ownership in it. In no time your newly constructed tree house became a home away from home.

Climbing up the steep ladder that stretched high into the branches was always a risk worth taking. However, the adventure didn’t end at the end of the ladder’s steps, that’s only where it began. The most adventurous and creative kids in the neighborhood were all brought together in this one place to share in a common experience, united only by enormous aspirations. It was a place of refuge from domineering parents who couldn’t understand your dreams of sailing on a pirate ship or reliving a battle scene you saw on television. Only here were those dreams possible, and only the members of your community, your friends, truly understood.

You could be whoever you wanted to be here and created your own destiny with the help of close friends. You were never sure what excitement you would get yourself tangled in, but one thing was certain it was the place for you. The time you invested here was always enjoyable, and never wasted. The tree house was truly yours, and what you gave to it was what you got from it.


These same dreams that were once possible in the back yard on a sunny day, although reworked for the new age, are manifested in Treehouse, a co-working space aimed to making Ireland the global capital for startups. Plank by plank this tree house has been built, and it too is members only. It too will draw together a group of loyal and trustworthy members into one place in the heart of the city to cultivate innovation and connect only the most imaginative minds. It too is made to be used and bring people together to experience life to the fullest day after day. It too is in your own back yard on familiar turf, being situated in the heart of the city overlooking the River Liffey, Dublin’s lifeblood.


The obvious question remains; can you garner the liveliness of your younger self and follow your dreams? Treehouse calls on and welcomes new family members to start living once again. Treehouse is built, now let’s collaboratively cultivate individual ideas into one unified purpose.