When I was younger, I was a bit of a nerd. Ok, who am I kidding? I still am. But one of the things that I loved back then was reading comic books. In fact I still have a huge stack of them in my room.  One of my favourite superheroes was always Daredevil. Besides being pretty cool, Daredevil had to overcome many adversities in life in order to become the hero he was. Matt Murdock was made blind, and has had friends and family torn away from him, yet he used these as a driving force in helping him be The Man Without Fear.

Over at Treehouse we have recently launched the tag-line Heroism Redefined. I’ve been thinking a lot about what that means for those who will be joining us in this exciting new venture. We have extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, but to me they aren’t like the ‘traditional hero’ that you hear about when you ask someone about superheroes. They aren’t like Batman, who has billions of dollars, and extreme training in everything that he could ever need. Nor are they like Superman, a (nearly) indestructible alien who can fly. Rather, to me, they are like Daredevil, given endless adversity, having maybe failed so much before, yet allowing that to drive them to become a success. In the same way that the thing that made Matt blind also heightened his other senses (thus allowing him to become Daredevil), so our heroes are allowing that which first knocked them down to be something they can learn from and build on, in order to become a success.

I’m really excited to see how the members will continue to change and alter my perceptions of what heroism means as Treehouse grows. I’m also excited to see how heroes will be created through the challenges that they face, even within our coworking space. And I’m excited to see the unique and always mind-blowing ways in which heroism can affect people and places around Dublin and Ireland. I guess, I’m excited for heroism to be always redefined.

Originally posted on RuairiKell.com