We are the generation that dreams big. The generation that is more connected to each other than ever before. The generation with more resources at a fingertip than generations before. The generation that wants, and believes, they can change the world.

But we are also the generation crippled with feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of possible opportunities. The generation that is simultaneously connected and yet also lonely and isolated. The generation burned out with constantly multi-tasking.

This is the jobless generation that doesn’t believe in lifetime careers. A generation that isn’t waiting for someone to fix their problems. The generation that might be rootless, but for the same reasons, also global. The generation that will in fact determine the future of the planet.

The unemployment crisis in the late 2000s and early teens rendered many aspiring global shapers and highly-skilled young workers jobless. And while for some there might have been frustration or resentment, others were empowered to use those same parameters to usher in a whole new world order. One ruled by innovators who explore the synergies between previously distinct disciplines. Skilled workers turned freelancers who offer their services to the masses. And, entrepreneurs who bravely pave a path through unchartered territory.

What happens when such visionaries, with no limits, with access to resources, and the freedom to create determine their own fate? Everyday superheroes are born. And Treehouse, based in Dublin, Ireland, is just one such lair among many around the world where such everyday superheroes meet, create, build, and thrive.

Treehouse is a community of such builders and doers who determined not to let the circumstances dictate their opportunities. It’s a place for conversations, work, and play. A carefully curated community ensures that everyone is collaborating with people who have the networks and resources to propel each other forward. Office space equips the community with the resources required to build companies but at a price that is actually affordable. Event space celebrates the many victories and provides a platform for learning from the many mistakes. Design rooms see the creation of many experiments and products. Meeting rooms explore new cross-pollination of ideas and skills. And the cafe is the epicenter of serendipitous new partnerships.

The coworking movement started hardly 5 years ago but there are already over 3000 such spaces around the world. The unprecedented growth is proof that there is a clear shift in the expectations of work and work environment. Given that the majority of members of coworking spaces are in their 20s and 30s, it’s clear that the very generation that was jobless is now redefining what work is and how work happens.

It’s the era of collaboration. There was a time when invention was done behind closed doors and experiments were conducted in sterile hidden laboratories. Now these innovators harness the power of modern technology to develop cross-continental teams to tackle global problems and to develop solutions and applications. Where people once valued privacy, this generation now sees real power in linking with partners and sharing information.

It’s the era of removing barriers. Engineers working with app developers working with education specialists working with fashion designers working with artists. This is the modern workplace. Suits with free spirits. Night owls working across borders to those with a local heart and purpose. No more are disciplines meticulously separated and narrowly defined. In fact, the grey area and potential synergies in the overlapping areas seem to hold the most potential.

It’s the era of sharing while learning. Tenured professors now compete with everyday practioners who lecture and hold workshops about their lessons learned while conducting business. Teaching is no more for the experts and the success stories. Our favorite 4 letter F word is Fail and entire conferences are organized to provide a platform to share and learn from our greatest mistakes. Learning comes from peers as much as from authorities on the subject.

It’s the era of scaling. When it comes to funding, where once only Venture Capitalists monopolized the investment market, now new online platforms turn family members and friends into co-investors and funders. When it comes to networking, everyone’s klout and influence has exponentially improved with social media and ever growing professional and social circles. When it comes to accessing resources, everything, and everyone, is hardly a couple degrees of separation away.

Treehouse is home to this generation that embodies these values. It’s a natural melting pot of dreamers and doers from various disciplines who collaborate, share, and scale and together. And like other coworking spaces, it’s the natural epicenter of the global shapers of this generation.

The reason Treehouse and other coworking spaces work is because it’s lead, managed, and composed of this generation once frustrated now empowered. It’s an organic bottom-up approach to a global economic downturn and a solution from those most affected. No more the solution and home to just this generation, it is in fact recalibrating work spaces across industries and across the world.