At times, coworking can sound somewhat unappealing. A shared office packed with strangers every day? No thank you. But coworking is so much more than office space. It’s a place for entrepreneurs to not only grow their business but also to grow personally. Strangers become potential clients, partners and friends. Shared office space becomes a hive of productive activity. Here are five reasons why coworking might be the right choice for you.

1. Improves Creativity: Staring at the same painting in your local coffee shop or having one-sided conversations with your cat while “working” at home don’t do much to get your creative juices flowing. On the other hand, working in an attractively designed, well-lit coworking space immediately sparks your imagination. Not to mention that working next to successful individuals from all different backgrounds makes getting inspired unavoidable.

2. Increases Productivity: We all know how easy it is to waste time at home; the TV and your warm, cozy bed are just a few steps away. Working in an office forces you to get up and out of your house in the morning, and to use the space wisely since it isn’t free. When you do need a break, in a coworking space you can spend it meeting new people in the cafe or taking a quick nap to recharge. In addition, working next to people who are driven to succeed will make you more personally motivated; everyone needs a little healthy competition.

3. Fosters Connections: For budding entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen alike, one of the most important (and dreaded) parts of growing a business is building a network. Coworking spaces, especially diverse ones, make it easy to meet people that you would’ve never crossed paths with otherwise. Your fellow coworkers can act as a soundboard for your ideas, mentor you through difficult decisions and even become potential clients or partners. Maybe you’ll even make a few friends!

4. Provides Flexibility: Unlike your typical job or property lease, coworking spaces don’t lock you into a long term agreement. Entrepreneurs each have different work styles and unpredictable schedules, so why should their work space be any different? And if for some reason you find that a coworking space is not working for you, there’s no one to stop you from walking out the door and trying something new.

5. Lower Cost: Just like any other entrepreneur, coworkers need to dole out some money, but the rate offered by shared office spaces is usually significantly lower than what you would pay to lease your own property. Coworking spaces also come fully furnished and offer special amenities to their members, like reduced rates for events, free coffee and 24/7 access. Just think about all the money you’ll save on coffee.

It should be clear now that a good coworking space is so much more than a communal office. You can’t find what coworking offers anywhere else, and it’s all available for a reasonable rate. How could anyone say no?