1. The Roots The Proven and Tested Global Expansion of Coworking

Just seven years ago you could count the number of coworking spaces across the globe on your two hands. Today there are well over 2,000 worldwide, and they continue to grow. As the world continues to evolve at the fingertips of dedicated innovators, entrepreneurs around the world are flocking to coworking spaces in hopes of heightening their chances of individual success in a cooperative setting.

In worldwide business, coworking is maturing into a promising model for talent retention andeconomic development, and governments have taken notice. In Australia, such offices have garnered government support to foster creativity, provide an economic anchor, and diversify workplaces for added productivity. Similar trends have occurred in places like Paris and Tel Aviv, as coworking has continued to globally prove its viability.


2. The Trunk The Critical Juncture in Ireland

The plight of the ‘lost generation’ has been meticulously documented and rallied for in multiple media outlets, conferences, and speeches. The tumultuous economic circumstances the people of Ireland have encountered over the past four years have had an oppressive effect on the generation of young Irish people under thirty. However, with an increasing number of not only graduates from top universities but also incubators and accelerators, Ireland’s general entrepreneurial nature will inherently reverse this trend. At this stage, a coworking space is necessary for current Irish entrepreneurs to excel in pioneering future Irish business. With all the attention Ireland has received complimenting the existing infrastructure that nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit, coworking is being introduced to the Irish market at a critical juncture that will reverse youth unemployment and emigration, instead becoming a melting pot of the world’s best young innovators.


3. The Nutrients The Startup Solution

The world is not lacking in great ideas, but is lacking in the collaborative and supportive structures to make them happen. Coworking is the startup solution. For decades, startups in Dublin have been looking for viable office space to launch and incubate their ideas. For decades to come, coworking will allow for all startup needs to be met under one roof. To curate the strongest and most ambitious group of innovative minds, coworking spaces offer viable and affordable office space and meeting rooms, basic and innovative resources, events that focus on the person as much as the industry, and so much more.

Location is key, and a high profile city center address is something many startups cannot afford individually. Having a city-center space to operate out of and host meetings in is invaluable for the credibility of new businesses. Within the space, resources that would otherwise be unavailable are provided for prototyping, communicating, learning and so much more.


4. The Branches The Growing Community

A coworking community is a diverse conglomerate of local and international entrepreneurs who gather to build and launch cutting-edge companies. A community like this in Dublin will make Ireland the international focus of the world’s most innovative leaders, ensuring they have a direct connection to the island for years to come.

Cultivating this community involves partnerships with universities, think tanks, incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurial communities, events, and more. A coworking team is intentionally built to foster the collaborative efforts of tomorrow’s greatest innovators, and will deliver valuable knowledge and skill sets to incubate modern ideas as economic development permeates throughout Ireland.

A combination of personal, shared, and interactive spaces cater purely to member needs, and promote productivity and collaboration in ways never before seen in Dublin. Being part of a diverse member community and network will accelerate business models and incubate ideas for the most ambitious do-ers both domestically and internationally. Additionally, peer-to-peer interaction is how true learning happens, and is only possible in a community setting. Only when a startup feels safe and secure working amongst other ambitious change makers can trust be built and openness is fostered. Ultimately, an environment that promotes co-creating, positive learning, and new ideas is curated—a true community. In 15 years, this same community will have made Dublin the principal location of innovation and entrepreneurship.


5. The Treehouse The Competitive Advantage Unlike Any Other

Our startup corridor right in the heart of Dublin is something Ireland has never seen before. The Treehouse team has been meticulously assembled, with close ties to the best universities across the globe as well as direct involvement in the most extensive and powerful global youth networks such as Sandbox, World Economic Forum and International Consortium of University Entrepreneurs. Treehouse will continually attract the smartest minds worldwide. A focus on community, bonding, and connecting to fellow coworkers is at the core of Treehouse’s ethos. In Treehouse, games and activities are not only encouraged but also necessary. Relaxing down time in the café, heated ping pong tournaments in the boardroom, stimulating chess and checkers games on the deck, or live music in the open floor space are all available. Integrated events and games will inspire creativity and promote productivity.

Within the space, 3D Printing in the MakerShaper Studio, extensive learning opportunities in the MindLab, a diverse community occupying a comfortable coworking area, state of the art audio/video amenities in readily available meeting spaces, and a bright coworking area culminate in pointing the best in coworking directly to Treehouse.


Treehouse is the startup solution in Ireland, and will usher a new age of international business into Ireland.