The Treehouse tribe is a community of people who

  • have a survivor instinct and love to create and build
  • are social creatures that thrive in the company of innovative and ambitious people
  • explore uncharted territory and go where no one else dares to go
  • commit to having a positive impact in the world they live in.
  • challenge the status quo and embark on exciting adventures.

It’s an unusually sunny day in April and I’m on my own little peninsula in Dun Laoghaire surrounded by nothing but blue skies, clear water, rounded pebbles and the sound of water ever so gently crashing around me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath of clean pure air. Hmmm…add a hint of salt to that air. Momentary solace in a world of mayhem.

I doodle in the soft sand. A Y-shaped bough, a discarded net, and a long branch becomes a make-shift fishing line. An unlucky bug, shiny metal and a feather becomes quickly fashioned into a bait. Some re-positioned rocks become a seat and foliage laid on some upright sticks provides shade from the sun. I have a survivor instinct and I love to create and build. 

I sit up and look across the waters. I realize that I’m subconsciously craving the company of other living things on my little peninsula. A couple birds dip in and out of the water. Was that a seal? I like the quiet from solitude but I love the energy from community. I am a social creature that thrives in the company of innovative and ambitious people.

I’m literally at the tip of this peninsula. Sure you had to get off the beaten track, climb down some rocks and jump across stretches of water, but I wonder why no one else has come this far – the view is much better and everything feels so much more real here! I explore uncharted territory and go where no one else dares to go.

What’s across the horizon? Maybe there is someone on a landmass across the waters peering across wondering and thinking just as I am? My mind wanders to the plethora of languages, cultures, food, lifestyles, experiences of people around the world. We live in an amazing world! I commit to having a positive impact in the world I live in.

“Sure will you look at your man down there – shall we try to go there too?” Before long I’m joined by 2 very excited Irish mothers feeling quite chuffed from the small adventure getting to me, a French couple enjoying a picnic, and a Japanese fisherman. It’s time to go now that my mission is accomplished – people are exploring beyond the ordinary pier and into new turf. I’m constantly challenging the status quo and embarking on new adventures.

But it gets better! I LOVE that these 5 descriptors at the end of every paragraph are not unique to just me. Not a chance! You were probably nodding your head along as you scanned this little blog. There’s a tribe of us in Dublin, in Ireland, and in the world who dare to be different. 
Who see opportunities where others see obstacles.
Who are audacious enough to dream. Let alone dream big!
Who have stepped out of the comfort zone to embrace an adventure.
Who actively engage with the world they live in and leave behind a legacy.

It excites me tremendously that Treehouse is a community and a space where such visionaries, makers, shapers, and doers collide every day, every hour, every minute.

The adventure begins!